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When I started out in my career, I knew that one day I’d have to handle my own money — but with no money of my own to work with, it was easy to shunt that fact aside. Only when my wife got a good job and we began to think about having kids did it truly hit me: If we weren’t careful, we were going to be permanently broke.

Hey, you there. Yeah, you. Your finances are broken. That’s totally common. We all have our own problems with money – and given that money equals power and freedom, it’s a big problem too. If we want to change the world, first we’ve got to fix ourselves and our society.

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But how can you do that if you’re even more stressed out about money than your own? Why does this matter? It matters because humans are basically selfish animals (you know, like every other animal). If you’re living day to day with no thought for the future, then as soon as something happens to throw off your plans (like illness or getting fired) then your psyche will be too busy panicking about survival to contribute anything useful to the community.

Worse still is when those survival issues are compounded by debt and fear of the future – that’s hell on Earth; literally. You need to fix yourself from the inside in order to be able to build yourself from the outside into something that can change the world in a positive way.

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